Website SEO Integration with the ShowMojo Listings Gallery

Feature Overview

The standard approach to ShowMojo’s Listings Gallery is to place it in an iframe on your page that links out to ShowMojo schedule-a-showing pages. However, as an monthly add-on, ShowMojo's Website SEO Integration adds the listings gallery to your website in a way that:

  • Retains all the SEO benefit from renters who start looking at listings from your website.
  • Keeps renters on your site while they schedule showings and look for other places.
  • More tightly (and cleanly) integrates the listing gallery and scheduling experience into your website.

Please note, this service specifically depends upon use of the listings gallery. If you have a fully custom website, with your own custom listing pages, we recommend you consider using the Schedule-a-Showing Pop-Over.

You can also see the feature in action on our SEO Integration Demo Page.

What's Included

This is an add-on to any account that can be purchased for a monthly fee of $19. The monthly fee includes:

  • Answers to any technical questions your web developer has to get it all set up. 
  • Answers to any technical questions as you make future changes to your website.

The monthly fee is charged as soon as the Enable Website SEO Integration toggle is on -- and not when you have placed the listings gallery on your website. We highly recommend that you have an experienced web developer assist you with this update.

The monthly fee does not include:

  • Any work performed on your site. This will need to be performed by your web developer.
  • Any functional changes to the Website SEO Integration. If functional changes are required on the ShowMojo side, there will be an additional setup fee for those changes.

Get Started

We've provided a list of steps to help you get set up. Just:

  1. Go to Gallery and Branding Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the Website SEO Integration section.
  3. Follow the steps in that section.

If you have questions that are not answered here, you can Ask a Question about SEO Integration.

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