ShowMojo Auto-Fills Prospect Information on the Schedule-a-Showing Page

This is a really great feature that was built into ShowMojo from very early on. After a prospect schedules a showing, ShowMojo remembers the prospect's information and even answers to screening questions. ShowMojo adds this information automatically when the prospect visits new schedule-a-showing pages.

This provides a pleasant experience for the prospect who schedules showings at more than one of your listings. It also provides a beneficial experience for you -- as it encourages more showings.

There is one place where this feature can be perceived as an issue for the ShowMojo customer (property managers and property owners). If you, or your staff, are scheduling showings via the prospect schedule-a-showing pages, then previous prospect information will appear on those pages (as it should). ShowMojo recommends scheduling showings for prospects only when logged into ShowMojo, from the ShowMojo Dashboard or Mobile Dashboard. On Mult-User accounts, a Coordinator user can be created specifically for this purpose. 

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