Configure ShowMojo to Schedule In-Person Showings

ShowMojo takes a very different (and powerful) approach to automated scheduling of in-person showings.

Initially, you might need to invest some time to:

  1. Figure out how ShowMojo could best meet your scheduling needs.
  2. Configure your calendar or calendars to your desired scheduling approach.
  3. Potentially, set up Listing Auto-Assignment Rules (for imported listings).

We admit, there can be some real thought and effort required, but the reward (intelligent, tailored, hands-free scheduling) is well worth it. Also, this is something we are happy to help with, so please keep in mind we are just an Account Check In away.

The Basics

Here's an overview of the scheduling approaches we currently have documented:

One critical ShowMojo feature that applies in all the above scenarios is Showing Notification for Current Tenants so occupied properties can be shown and leased to reduce or eliminate vacancies.

Going Deeper

For those more interested in really understanding how everything works (and how everything can work for them) here's some articles to really get into the details:

And some important anti-patterns we recommend against:

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