Running Late Feature Overview

If you are running late to showings for the next couple hours, or the rest of the day, ShowMojo can effortlessly:

  • Text and email your upcoming in-person showings to let them know.
  • Let you customize the outbound messaging to the prospect.
  • Automatically adjust all the upcoming showtimes.

On Multi-User accounts, Running Late is available for each individual showing agent, and adjusts only each agent's in-person showings. 

ShowMojo’s new Running Late feature is accessible from both the desktop Dashboard (in the left column) and mobile dashboard (in the "hamburger" menu dropdown). The Running Late link does not display if the logged in user does not have any upcoming, in-person showings for the current day.

The Running Late feature also looks out for potential overlapped bookings that could occur -- and alerts the user before proceeding.

Running Late is not available on ShowMojo Classic.

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