When ShowMojo Automatically Cancels, Rejects or Declines Showings

Because ShowMojo automates so much, it can sometimes be difficult to determine the exact reason why a showing is not scheduled or removed from the showing schedule. This article provides a clear overview of every case where ShowMojo might act to "interrupt" a scheduled showing. 

Fraud-based canceled showings: This first case is clear cut. It happens within five minutes of the showing being scheduled. ShowMojo detects clear fraud markers and cancels the showing. You can learn more in our Fraudulent Showing Auto-Detection, Flagging and Canceling‍ article.

Showings declined due to screening question restrictors: When a prospect tries to schedule a showing and one or more of their answers conflicts with a screening question restrictor, the showing is declined. You can learn even more in our Reasons for Declined Showings‍ article.

Rejected showings: If you are investigating a system-canceled showing and it doesn't fit the first to items in this list, then you are most likely looking at a rejected showing. Showings get rejected because something that needed to be done by a prospect or showing agent wasn't done in time. Read our Reasons for Rejected Showings‍ article to get more details.

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