ShowMojo PHONE Feature Overview

ShowMojo PHONE is a local number (Or Many Numbers, If You Like) that answers prospect phone calls and facilitates scheduled showings -- automatically.

When a prospective renter calls in, the caller always has the option to receive a schedule-a-showing link by entering the street number of the listing. Or the caller can choose to receive a link to see all your on-market listings by pressing the pound sign (#).

All ShowMojo PHONE settings can be reviewed and configured on the Phone Settings page. 

Here is some additional information and guidance on key settings:

Voicemail: Voicemails are emailed out as they are received. ShowMojo PHONE answers all your calls for you. Unless you already have a solid process in place for responding to voicemails -- and value that process -- we'd recommend keeping this option turned off.

Call Transfer: Callers can elect to be transferred to a number of your choosing. If no one (including your call system or voice mail) answers the phone, then the caller hears the ShowMojo PHONE options again. If you are not answering live calls now, or if you would prefer to no longer answer live calls, then leave this option off.

Late Showing Intercept: This is a recommended feature. Callers who are a little late for a showing will be informed they can still make the showing, and ShowMojo will send you a text that they are running late. Callers running too late for a showing will be politely canceled and asked to reschedule. You'll be notified by text about callers already at the property who are waiting for you. And all callers still have access to all other ShowMojo PHONE options.

Incomplete Screening Intercept: Along with Late Showing Intercept, ShowMojo PHONE catches and assists prospects who haven’t completed all of the showing pre-qualifications. This includes prospects who have not submitted a required document for verification and who have not completed a Pre-Showing Questionnaire.

One important thing about ShowMojo PHONE. While it's activated on almost every ShowMojo account, if you are learning about it only now you should ensure you that you have told ShowMojo to Market and Advertise All Listings with ShowMojo PHONE Numbers‍.

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