Extra Security and Notification When a Prospect Begins a Self-Showing

ShowMojo can be configured to have the prospect check in at a listing before gaining access for a self-showing. This feature may be used:

  • As an additional security measure, since (1) the prospect must prove they are at the listing via text message and (2) the prospect can be restricted to requesting an access code to within half an hour of the showtime.
  • As a sales opportunity, since the alert enables a showing agent to call the prospect while at the listing.

At the same time, this feature provides an additional step the prospect must complete prior to gaining access to the listing and completing a showing. So it should not be added unless necessary.

When Location Verification has been enabled -- either intentionally by the customer or triggered during our fraudulent showing auto-detection -- ShowMojo provides the prospects with an Anti-Fraud Message that can be customized by you and then must be acknowledged by the prospect before a lockbox code is distributed.

These features can be enabled and configured in the Showing Access Control and Notification section on the Digital Access Settings page.

By default, an email will be sent to the Account Owner/Showing Agent assigned to the showing. In order for the user to receive a text message, their Schedule Settings need to be configured to also send a text message when a prospect cancels less than two hours before their showtime. 

 NOTE: This feature is not available on ShowMojo CLASSIC.

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