Identifying and Using the CodeBox Vendor Code Feature

The vendor code is a five-digit code that never expires and allows access to the CodeBox for trusted individuals, such as contractors, staff or showing agents.

Using the vendor code is as simple as entering the correct five-digit vendor code into the box and pressing Enter.

The vendor code is usable on a CodeBox any time of day, and is not bound by the CodeBox Access Window.

Consider a More Secure Option

While convenient, the vendor code can pose security risks, as it is can be changed only with access to the CodeBox and never expires.

ShowMojo does provide a more secure Text-to-Access solution that provides vendors and staff with one-time use access codes. We recommend you seriously consider this approach for all but the most trusted parties.

Identifying CodeBoxes that Operate with a Vendor Code

Every new CodeBox ordered through ShowMojo comes with a preset vendor code. You’ll receive it with the emailed order confirmation. You can also find it on the Digital Access Settings page. You can Change the Vendor Code directly from the CodeBox.

CodeBoxes shipped prior to September, 2016 do not have the vendor code feature (they are "seller" boxes). ShowMojo often cannot confirm whether or not a CodeBox is a vendor box. The best way to confirm whether a CodeBox supports vendor code access, is to have a look at the “5” key on front. If it says “vendor” then you’re a winner!

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