Manage and Schedule Multiple Listings in a Single Property

ShowMojo has a special set of features for managing and scheduling multiple listings as a single property. These features can be used both with ShowMojo-managed listings and imported listings.

Properties and Property Information

A property is one or more street addresses. When you assign a street address to a property, all the listings that share that street address become associated with that property.

Properties can be created and managed on the Properties page.

Every listing belonging to a property will automatically include the details, highlights and photos that you’ve added to the property. 

A unique page header -- and unique page header behavior -- can be added to each property. This can be done in the Scheduling Page Header section. You can even Create a Listings Gallery Specific to a Property‍.

If you don't see Properties in the menu bar when logged into ShowMojo, then you must first enable the feature. You can do this on the Listings Settings page in the Optional Features section.

You can add listings to a property from the Properties page using the Add Existing Listings button. Please note, if an existing listing is already assigned to a property, it will not be displayed on the dropdown as option to assign. This is because a listing can't be assigned to multiple properties at the same time. 

Once your property is created, you can view all its listings from the Listings link in the left column. You can also view a property-specific listings gallery by clicking on the Gallery link in the left column. 

To assign incoming email leads to properties instead of individual listings, you can choose to Assign leads to a property.

Please note that properties are not available in ShowMojo CLASSIC.

Digital Access and Properties

You can Assign Multiple MojoLocks to a Property via a property's Digital Access page. One property MojoLock can be used as part of self-showings. To assist in self-showing access One MojoLock Can be Added for Prospect Access. Additional MojoLock devices can be used in conjunction with the Resident Access feature.

Property-Specific Scheduling

Showing location and frequency controls can be applied to properties (and their associated listings) the same way they can be applied to individual listings. To review these options:

  1. Go to the Calendar page.
  2. In the Options section click Edit.
  3. Go to the second setting down (it starts with Schedule showings at) and select only one property.
  4. Explore the options.
  5. Click Cancel at the bottom of the Options section (this was just to check out the settings -- we assume you don't want to keep what you have done).

For more detailed instructions on how you can schedule with properties, see these articles:


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