Use Listing Groups to Automate Tasks and Customize the Prospect Experience

Listing groups provide a simple and flexible way to collect and track your listings – especially when you have a lot of them.

Add, Rename and Delete Listing Groups

Listing groups can be added on a listing-by-listing basis in the Listing Options section on each individual Listings page.

Listings groups can be renamed and deleted on the Listings Settings page.

Automated Assignment

Listing groups can be automatically assigned to imported listings. For more on this, see:

Powerful Scheduling

On the Calendar page, listing groups are available as options anywhere a listing or property can be selected.

Listing groups are most helpful for those using the Standard Calendar Type and for showing agents who update their calendars frequently. Listing groups provide a labeled cluster of listings that can be easily added to and removed from calendars and show windows as required.

Dynamic Screening Questionnaires

Listing group can enable or disable Conditional Screening Questions‍.

Targeted Reporting

Listing groups are available for filtering on most Reports. On any report that supports listing groups, just select the desired listing group from the appropriate dropdown.

Group-Specific Listing Galleries

That's right. You can even Create a Listing Gallery Specific to a Listing Group.

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