Place a Single Listing on Its Own Schedule (and Calendar)

Using ShowMojo, any listing can be assigned to its own individual calendar, when that listing needs to be shown on its own schedule, separate from all other listings.

But please note, this individual-listing-per-calendar approach is recommended only in exception cases. We strongly recommend against this as a general scheduling approach, especially for accounts with many listings, because it cannot be managed efficiently.

To place a listing on its own calendar:

  1. Go to the Calendar page.
  2. Click New Calendar.
  3. Select the Regional Calendar option.
  4. In the checkboxes that appear, locate and select the one listing you want to associate with this calendar.
  5. Click Create.
  6. Add showing windows and adjust the calendar settings.

That's all. 

But one final thing to consider is the double-booking behavior on the account. Should this new calendar not double-book against other calendars? (A normal usage pattern.) Or should double-booking against other calendars be allowed? (Can be useful when multiple individuals are sharing a user).

To ensure you have the correct double-booking behavior set, go to the Schedule Settings and the Additional Settings section, check the very first setting and confirm that ShowMojo is set to behave as you would expect.

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