Limit the Number of Showing Clusters Scheduled at a Listing Per Day and Per Week

What's a Showing Cluster?

A showing cluster is a collection of in-person (not lockbox) showings scheduled at the same time at the same listing. A showing cluster could be:

  • One group of showings all at the same showtime.
  • A collection of showings "clustered" adjacent to one another using Smart Show.
  • A collection of showings scheduled within the same show window using Open Show.

Here's the upshot. Each listing can be limited to a number of showing clusters -- per day or per week -- no matter how any one agent or any number of agents -- chose to show a listing.

Why Limit a Listing?

There are a number of reasons you might want to limit how often a listing is shown. Here are some examples:

  • You have an agreement with the current occupant to not show the listing more than once per day or more than a certain number of times per week.
  • The listing is very popular and there's a danger that it can take up too much of the showing schedule if it is not restricted.
  • Your office has multiple showing agents showing the same listings, but from an efficiency perspective it still makes no sense for two different agents to show the same place on the same day.
  • The listing is located some distance from your office, and you want to be flexible about when you will show it, but you don't want to travel to the listing more than a certain number of times per week.
  • The listing is normally shown on a lockbox, but you want to make limited in-person showings available.

There are many other cases as well.

Interaction with Other Schedule Settings

Showing cluster limits are built to interact correctly with all other schedule settings. As noted above, they don't take lockbox showings into account -- whether that activity is based on prospects, Third-Party Agents, or Text-to-Access -- nor will it work for teams utilizing the Lead Claim feature. 

Otherwise, showing cluster limits play nice with all other ShowMojo scheduling options, including:

  • Group showings or individual showings.
  • Smart Show and Open Show.
  • Piggybacking and Stacking.
  • Listing, location and property limits on each individual calendar.
  • In-person third-party agent showings (these are included in showing cluster limits).
  • Manually entered custom showtimes (also included in showing cluster limits).
  • Propose Showtimes (accepted proposed times are included in showing cluster limits).

Here are a couple additional notes about how ShowMojo defines a showing cluster:

  • Adjacent showtimes at the same listing belonging to the same showing agent are always considered part of the same cluster. It does not matter whether or not those showings reside within the same show window or even on the same calendar.
  • Showtimes at the same listing within the same show window (and belonging to the same calendar and agent) that might not be adjacent but are separated by no more than twice the calendar's showing duration are considered part of the same cluster.

Enable and Set Showing Cluster Limits

Showing cluster limits are disabled on the account by default. To enable them:

  1. Go to the Listing Settings page.
  2. Scroll down to Optional Features.
  3. Locate and enable the Showing Cluster Limits feature.

Then, to control limits on individual listings:

  1. Go to the individual Listing page.
  2. Scroll down to Listing Options.
  3. Locate and update either of the two Showing Cluster Limits settings.

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