Handle a Prospect Who Left a Self-Show but the Key Is No Where to Be Found

Sorry to hear this happened. We would advise calling and emailing the prospect. It’s always possible there was some sort of honest mistake and the prospect willing to help make it right.

If you do not get the key back, out of prudence, we would recommend that you re-key the home. 

At this time, ShowMojo does not have the ability to charge prospects in a case like this. As a starting point, there’s no language around any charges of this manner when the prospect provides their credit card information. So there is no contractual agreement upon which a charge can be made.

We would like to note that there is an automated measure already built into ShowMojo to guard against this issue. Specifically, ShowMojo does perform an Automated Security Check with the Prospect After Each Lockbox Showing.

And the one real solace we can offer is that there are significant cost savings to conducting self-showings. A small setback like this is far off-set by those cost savings.

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