The Risks of Single-Code Mechanical Lockboxes

One of the main pitfalls of self-showings is that scammers and fraudsters will always try to exploit this process. 

Using a single-code mechanical lockbox can put the property at a much higher risk than using digital access devices for self-showings.

When a prospective tenant is given a lockbox code, anyone who is given the code can access the property for the duration of that code's life. When using single-code mechanical lockboxes, that code has a very long life. Or, it would be necessary for a member of your team to manually reset your lockbox after every showing in order to better secure the property -- and manually communicate codes to prospects. That's just added worry and work for you and your team.

In order to prevent Self-Show Opportunists and Online Listing Scammers from exploiting the weakness of a single-code mechanical lockbox, we highly recommend investing in digital access devices which offer additional security measures including limited-use codes. 

These devices include:

  • MojoLock smartlocks, which provide a very affordable digital access solution.
  • Traditional digital lockbox options including CodeBoxes and and VaultLOCKS eLockboxes. These also include a Lockbox Insurance option.

See the article Digital Access Device Pricing and Ordering New Devices for more information on these options.

Or go right to the Digital Access Settings page to place an order.

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