Issues Caused by Duplicate Listings with the Same Address

We try our best, but because of the way Listing Import Automation is designed to work, it occasionally happens that two listings with the exact same address and unit number (or lack of a unit number) slip through into ShowMojo.

This duplicate listings issue can impede activities like changing the market status of the listing. Most often we discover it on the support desk with a ticket titled: "Cannot take a listing off the market."

If you are trying to import two listings with the same address, you will receive a notice via email as well as at the top of your Dashboard alerting you about an unaddressed import alert.

If the listings really do represent the same single rental unit in the system from which they have been imported, then simply use the Merge feature on the Listings page to combine them. 

If the listings are two separate rental units in the source system, then update the unit number or listing address on one of the listings to differentiate it from the other. You can then perform an Immediate Listing Import to push the change to ShowMojo.


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