Completely Incorporate ShowMojo into Your Website

This is intended as the definitive guide for everything website-related that you want to consider when using ShowMojo. We’re thinking about things like:

  • Consistent promotion of your brand.
  • Seamless online scheduling for your prospects, that keeps them from emailing or calling your office.
  • The SEO benefits gained by keeping prospects on your site.

Let's get started.

Your Website & Your Listings With Scheduling

It's not enough to have your listings on your website. If you want to stop the firehouse of phone calls and emails into your office, your listings need to be schedule-capable.

If your website is hosted by a property management system or other residential-rentals focused provider (examples include Rent Manager, Propertyware, PMW) check out our article for best recommendations on how to Configure All Third-Party Systems for Marketing with ShowMojo‍.

If you have a custom website the simplest way to do this is to Add the ShowMojo Listings Gallery to Your Website‍.

If you already have pretty listing pages on your marketing website and you don't want to replace them with ShowMojo's listing gallery and pages -- we get it -- then the Schedule-a-Showing Pop-Over‍ is the answer for you.

There are still other options available (even as detailed as Linking to a ShowMojo Schedule a Showing Page Using a Third Party Listing ID‍) but the three scenarios listed above are the optimal approaches for most cases.

Colors and Branding

To make sure everything fits in and looks seamless, you should Customize the Header and Colors on Your Listings Gallery and Schedule-a-Showing (Listing) Pages‍.

From adding your logo to control of individual foreground and background colors, we've got you covered. Do you have three distinct brand colors? We can handle that.

These color options will be useful even if your website only uses the Schedule-a-Showing Pop-Over‍.

The SEO Upsell

This next option might not be for everyone, so we've broken it out as a separate item.

ShowMojo's Website SEO Integration is a tight integration between your website and our listings gallery and schedule-a-showing pages. It keeps your visitors on your site, and gives you an SEO boost as well.

This service is based on an monthly fee. And you'll need a developer on your side to do some straightforward technical setup for you.

Additional Listing Galleries

Some websites benefit from additional galleries. The site might offer different pages that break listings out by location or housing type -- or even rentals-versus-sales. Conversely you may need to combine multiple ShowMojo accounts into a single gallery.

All of this is possible. You only need to Update the Listings Gallery iframe Script to Point to Different Versions of the Listing Gallery‍.    

Promo Banners, FAQs and Applications

If you're using the listings gallery, then do these additional things to make the most of it:

  • Configure and Display Listing Promo Banners‍ to drive traffic to specific listings or promote specials on listing-specific specials. These banners display both in your listings gallery and on your listings pages.
  • Compile and publish a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Just for Prospective Renters. This increases credibility for your rentals and company, while encouraging prospects to self-serve and complete the scheduling process without a phone call to you.
  • Confirm you have your Rental Application Settings properly configured, whether your accepting applications from ShowMojo or somewhere else. These settings can provide across-the-board benefit, as they build on much more communication than just your website.
  • Be sure to Publish and Distribute Your Rental Application Criteria‍. Again, this means prospects get the information they are looking for faster, schedule showings with less effort, and send you less emails and phone calls.

Note that, if you have a custom website and are using only the schedule-a-showing pop-over, the promo banners and FAQs may be visible to prospects at times, but they will be much less prominent.

Remove All Other Contact Details

Be sure to Optimize Your Website for Online Scheduling‍ by:

  • Removing all contact information or forms unrelated to ShowMojo's online scheduling capabilities from your listings pages.
  • Making it clear that any other contact details and forms are for other purposes (new owners, maintenance requests, etc.).

Basically, get rid of any distraction that slows your prospects from self-scheduling online.

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