Propose Showtimes Feature Displays Only Empty Dropdowns

ShowMojo's Propose Showtimes feature lets a prospect identify three different showtimes that would work for them.

If, on the schedule-a-showing page, there are absolutely no dates or times available in any of the three date/time dropdown sets, the most likely scenario is that someone with access to the account removed all propose showtimes availability. To investigate and correct this:

  1. Go to the Schedule Settings page.
  2. Scroll down to the Propose a Showtime Availability section.
  3. If all days of the week show Not available then this is the cause of the issue. (Depending on other account settings, if this section has only very limited availability, this likely still could be the cause of the issue.)
  4. Click Edit and correct the issue by adding time ranges (such as "10am - 6pm" on several days.

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