Review Online Ad Health for an Individual Listing

The Listing Online Ad Health page provides easy access -- on a listing by listing based -- to:

  • Real-time listing setup and syndication alerts.
  • Inbound email lead activity by listing site.
  • Known listing site ads (when accessible).

This data is available so customers can easily assess online ad performance and make their own needed corrections. Additional steps to troubleshoot online ad performance can be found in the article Listing Not Appearing on an Internet Listing Site‍. Please remember that ShowMojo has little to no control over the actions nor decisions of individual listing sites.

Setup and Syndication Alerts

These are real-time alerts based on the current configured Listing Setup and Syndication section in the Daily Performance Alerts‍.

These alerts provide information based on why:

  • A listing might not appear on a given listing site.
  • A listing might not be marketing as well as it could.
  • ShowMojo might not be receiving all inbound emails and phone calls related to the listing.

Resolving these alerts as quickly as possible is critical to improving leasing performance.

Leads Submitted Via Online Form

This section provides details for every listing site from which ShowMojo has received an online lead related to the listing. 

This section does not include phone leads (neither voice nor text) nor leads where a prospect might have emailed the office directly. This section includes only those leads where the prospect completed the online form hosted by the listing site for the specific online ad.

The details for each listing site name include:

  • The name of the listing site.
  • A clickable link to the online ad. This is not always available. When it is available the listing site name will be in blue, hyperlinked text.
  • The source of the online ad. Specifically, whether it was syndicated to the online site via ShowMojo or obtained from another source.
  • The date of the earliest first lead received from the listing site.
  • The date of the most recent latest lead received from the listing site.
  • The total leads received from the listing site.

This section also includes the starting date of the current on-market period of the listing, for easy reference.

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