Automatic Listing Assignment from Agent Contact Information on an Imported Listing

Feature Overview

The Default Calendar and Listing Auto-Assignment section on the Import Settings page does more than Assign Listings to Calendars and Listing Groups Based on Cities and Zip Codes.

Assingnment rules can also be used to assign listings directly to the correct showing agent based on the imported listing's contact email or phone number. For this to work, the showing agent's email address  or phone number on the imported listing must match his or her email address or phone number in ShowMojo.

When listings are assigned directly to team members, the listing assignments will also adhere to the agent's calendar specific listing assignment rules. If there are no assignment rules on a showing agent's calendar, then the listing is assigned to the agent's default calendar. The agent can set a default calendar on his or her My Settings page.

Feature Limitations

1. This feature only works with Regional Calendars.

2. The auto-assignment logic is triggered by updates to the Listing Import Source. When a listing import/update activity occurs (whether initiated automatically by ShowMojo or manually by a user) ShowMojo will alter calendar assignments on a listing only when one of the following conditions is met:

  • The listing is taken on-market in the import source.
  • The listing is assigned new contact information in the import source.

3. This feature also does not switch the listing between two different calendars belonging to the same agent.

4. Some import source systems, such as AppFolio, do not provide an agent email address. In this case, the assignment can be completed by agent phone number or agent name (this must be an exact match to what is in ShowMojo).

5. When matching contact information, ShowMojo does not match information added to free-from or custom fields, such as listing descriptions or custom amenities. ShowMojo only looks in the specific fields in the import source where contact information is entered and displayed.

Enable the Feature

This feature is enabled on the Import Settings page, by updating the setting of each specific importer.

When enabling the feature, it is highly recommended that you set aside time so you can double-check the output and adjust agent contact information and assignment rules as necessary.

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